ROTC Mentorship

Assist in the development of 5 year plan to assist students to organize goals and dreams for succcess.

Army, Navy, Air Force Scholarships

Assist High School and College Students in obtaining a ROTC Scholarship. Benefits include: 

  • Up to a Full Tuition Scholarship to include applicable fees  
  • Monthly living allowance starting at $300 per month peaking at $500 during the senior year  
  • Yearly book allowance of $1200  
  • Room and board match at selected schools  
  • At "high cost" schools, this can make the scholarship worth up to $80,000 per year!

Youth Mentorship

Provide adequate mentorship to school age youths in order to assist with achiveing short and long term goals. 

Organizational Development

Provide research based strategies to assist organizations with attaining efficiency within their processes ultimately achieving effective operations at best value

Organizational Reculturing

Provide expertise in organizational cultural change management to guide organizations desiring change efficiently, effectively and at best value. Our experts assist with providing profitability assessment/portfolio optimization, analyzing complexity, and leading end to end process improvement.

Leadership Development

Provides leadership development training to assist with in-depth experiences, ongoing mentorship, and targeted training for individuals across a variety of businesses and communities.