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 "Your investment in our Cadets and our program was extremely beneficial and motivating. Their eyes were "wide open", intensely taking in all the coaching, teaching, and wisdom you presented them with."

- Lieutenant Colonel Michael Kavadias, Bucknell University Army ROTC

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General Dix, Thank you for your service to our country, and THANK YOU for your service to the Davenport and Quad Cities communities during your assignment at the Rock Island Arsenal. You are one of the most selfless individuals I have met; not only did you agree (without hesitation) to mentor my “At Promise” student, you took on his entire circle and his family. You are very humble and understand your purpose; a person of your stature has every reason to say “sorry, but I can’t”, but you never did and probably never will. At the top of every list of solutions for suspension reductions, bullying and drop out preventions, and academic student achievement, is MENTORING and ADVOCACY; thank you for the profound impact you have had on my students!  

- Debra R. Stevenson Student Achievement and Engagement Specialist Mentor Program Coordinator Davenport Community Schools